SALT Conference 2020

SALT 2020 (1)

SALT Conference 2020

The SALT Conference 2020 is taking place virtually on Zoom, in the morning of Saturday 7th November. We hope to see as many language educators from all sectors attend. The theme for this year's conference is Recharge Your Learning. Speakers include those from Education Scotland, local authorities, schools and universities. To find out more check out our programme below!We look forward to seeing you on the 7th of November!Keep reading for some information about this year's presenters and workshops. See the link below to register for a FREE place!

Keynote Speaker: Fiona Pate, HMI formerly with Education Scotland, Education Consultant

After serving as a Principal Teacher, then senior manager in the secondary sector of Scottish education, including a period of secondment as a QIO in Fife, Fiona was appointed Her Majesty’s Inspector of Education in 2007. She became national specialist for modern languages and leadership as well as Area Lead Officer for a number of local authorities and played a leading role in the field of self-evaluation. 

Fiona served on the working group for the ’Languages in Scotland: a 1+2 Approach’ report and was heavily involved in the implementation of its recommendations. From January 2015, Fiona became an independent education consultant and continues to work with schools, local authorities and educational organisations on school improvement, learning and teaching, curriculum development and language learning. She maintains her connections to the languages world and remains a strong advocate for the benefits and importance of quality language learning in Scotland.

Plenary: Fhiona Mackay, Director of SCILT and CISS

Fhiona is the director of Scotland’s National Centre for Languages (SCILT) and the Confucius Institute for Scotland’s Schools (CISS) at the University of Strathclyde. Joining SCILT in 2012 from her previous role at Education Scotland, Fhiona works with a range of national agencies and international partners to promote and support language learning across Scotland in schools and communities.
Fhiona recognises the importance of collaboration, sharing of ideas and knowledge exchange as a means of empowering members of the language community. In this way, she believes, we can ensure that languages are seen as key skills for life in a globally interdependent world and contribute to the development of a more inclusive and tolerant society.

Read on for information about the workshops you can take part in at SALT 2020!

Join us for the official launch of our free resources in French, German, Spanish and English for 1st/2nd/3rd level as well as EAL Classrooms.

During this session we will look at the support on the ELAPSE website on how to use these resources and develop your own lessons. You will meet some of the LFEE’s European partners and chat about how we can embed content into language lessons.

Led by:
Richard Tallaron, Teacher Trainer, LFEE Europe
Javier Magdaleno & Marvi Rocha, Teacher trainers CFP Valladolid
Diana Pastoriza,Education Officer, CAFI Santiago de Compostella
Christine Preitceille, Inspectrice de L’Education Nationale, Académie de Montpellier
Ron Kemsies, Teacher Trainer, PH Wien
Steven Fawkes & Crista Hazel, Education Officers, ALL.

We are delighted to welcome the languages team from Education Scotland.
Join this workshop to hear from Louise and Shona who will share and discuss BGE secondary languages in respect of 1+2 and the importance of maintaining progression in the BGE.

Led by:
Louise Glen, Senior Education Officer Languages, Education Scotland
Shona Hugh, Development Officer Languages, Education Scotland

Looking for some virtual inspiration? Check out how James and Joe supported younger learners with engaging videos during lockdown. Find out how they are moving forward with languages in their respective primary schools under the New Normal.

Led by:
Joe Dunn, St.Francis Primary (GCC)
James Innes, Dalmarnock Primary (GCC)

This workshop will look at how language teachers in St.Thomas Aquinas engaged learners during school closures. We will talk about our journey in moving to a digital platform and how we sought to engage learners. We will also share classroom activities and ideas in the current climate to keep learners motivated.

Led by:
Louise Whyte, Principal Teacher Languages, St.Thomas Aquinas Secondary, (GCC)
Maria Bourke, French and Spanish Teacher, St.Thomas Aquinas Secondary (GCC)

Join this workshop with our colleagues from Education Scotland to receive the most up to date information from inspection.

Led by:
John Paul Cassidy, HM Inspector, Education Scotland
Jacqueline Gallagher, HM Inspector, Education Scotland

Following on from the success of CISS/Esgoil’s online language programme during lockdown, the Discovering China series of Mandarin lessons will be delivered live and online by Postgraduate Language students in Chengdu and Shanghai to classrooms across Scotland. The workshop aims to look at what is involved in putting together such a programme and will examine the problems to be addressed relating to content, technology and partnership working across cultures.

Led by:
Susan Lawson, Professional Development Officer, CISS

In this session Joe Dale will showcase examples of good practice in online teaching and describe ways in which teachers have dealt with life under lockdown and have prepared for returning to school.

Led by:
Joe Dale, Independent Languages Consultant

I will share how I combine online learning tools with Covid-safe class activities whilst tracking students’ progress. I will refer to intrinsic motivation strategies to boost students’ confidence and engagement.

Led by:
Sonja Fedrizzi, Languages Teacher at Broughton School, Edinburgh

We will demonstrate how we are now using Microsoft Teams and ClassNotebook to track and monitor pupil progress through the benchmarks in the BGE. This is a more in depth look at a section of the workshop delivered at Stirling at SALT 2019;

During the session we will:
– Show examples of our Portfolio Tasks
– Demonstrate how to use assignments across classes
– Demonstrate how to set-up and use rubrics to track benchmarks

Led by:
Liegha Laing (Principal Teacher Modern Languages)
Fraser Mearns (Teacher of French and Spanish)
Meldrum Academy, Aberdeenshire

This workshop will explore how schools engaged with parents during lockdown. More specifically, it will explore how Moorfoot Primary and Garvel Deaf Centre supported all parents (hearing and non) of deaf children who are users of BSL.

Led by:
Karen Faulds, Professional Development Officer, SCILT
Karen MacLeod, Principal Teacher, Moorfoot Primary/Garvel Deaf Centre

Inspired by the research and methodology of Gianfranco  Conti and Steve Smith this workshop would aim to explain how we have altered our approach to MfL in the
BGE to tie in with the MARS EARS/EPI approach based around the use of sentence builders and the teaching of lexicogrammar. As a resource light and low preparation methodology which really engages learners it is well suited to the current climate.

Led by
Louise Clarke, Head of Modern Languages at George Watson’s College, Edinburgh

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