Popular MFL blogger announces retirement

Popular MFL blogger announces retirement

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Hilary McColl, the writer behind the popular website, Languages Without Limits  has announced her retirement.

Hilary started her website with the goal of providing support for foreign language and community language teachers involved with learners of all abilities. The website’s content was drawn from Hilary’s insights gained from her involvement with various projects carried out in Scotland between 1994 and 2005.

Writing today on her blog, Hilary said: “Hundreds of students, parents, and professionals from all over the world, are still using the Learning Without Limits site every day, so I shall continue to support it as it is now, but without making any more additions or corrections.

“Where possible, I am encouraging the present generation of experts to ‘adopt’ relevant pages and incorporate them into their own sites. Where this happens I shall eventually delete those pages from [the site] and replace them with links to the new sites.”

Those of you who have been members of SALT for a while may remember that Hilary was our first SEN representative. In her email to SALT, she said: “May I take this opportunity to thank SALT for so many things. If, when I finished my secondment as national curriculum development officer for ML/SEN, the SALT Committee had not invited me to be its first SEN representative, my career would have been very different.

“That gave me the opportunity to raise the profile of our SEN/ASN colleagues and learners and to initiate the team working that proved so fruitful. I’m so glad to see that the current SALT team is continuing to do seminal work in this field.

“I wish you and SALT my very best wishes for the future.”

Visitors to Hilary’s website need not worry about losing this valuable resource as she has arranged to transfer much of the content to Catriona Oates’ new interactive website Inclusive Practice in Language Learning, and she encourages anyone to download her existing content and to develop it as they see fit as it may be deleted through time.

She said: “I am very grateful to all those who have agreed to let the pages they have contributed be used in this way. It has been a privilege and an honour to have included their expertise on this site for so many years. As a matter of courtesy to us all, please indicate the provenance of any pages you use or develop.

“And to all those who have used this site over the years—keep up your good work!”

On behalf of SALT and our members, we wish Hilary a very happy retirement.


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