No teachers means lack of languages for some pupils

No teachers means lack of languages for some pupils

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From the Evening Express, Feb 10 2016

Some secondary pupils are not being taught modern languages due to a shortage of teachers, the Evening Express can reveal today.

No children from first year to third year at Kincorth Academy are receiving modern language lessons – such as French or Spanish – due to staffing problems and the school also has no teacher for home economics.

Head teacher Grahame Whyte , speaking at a meeting of Kincorth and Leggart Community Council, said about 15 staff had left before the 2016/17 school year.

He said: “Some are retiring, some are going part-time and some are promoted outwith the school.

“We recruited eight teachers pretty easily but it’s been more difficult to recruit the seven and we had little time to recruit before August.”

He added: “At this moment in time we don’t have home economics. The first to third years have no modern languages.

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