UCMLS action plan for 1+2 published

UCMLS action plan for 1+2 published

SALT/UCMLS 1+2 Action Plan

The University Council for Modern Languages in Scotland (UCMLS) have published their action plan Looking Back and Moving Forward.

The plan focuses on cross-sector collaborative actions in which higher education institutions continue to contribute, and highlights areas of work in which others will need to take the lead.

UCMLS reports that language learning in Scotland is alive but there is much that still needs to be done to ‘normalise’ the subject as part of our individual lives and society in general.

UCMLS have consulted extensively across sectors, with different stakeholders, and also as part of strategic implementation groups in order to support and enhance the Government’s Language Learning in Schools Strategic Plan for Implementation.

Chair of UCMLS, Marion Spöring said: “I would like to thank everybody who has contributed to the consultation process.

“Great progress has been made, but we need to focus also on what we can improve, across sectors and collaboratively, to make 1+2 a success.

“In our universities we strive to promote the link between the study of languages and cultures across disciplines and professions in teaching, learning, and research.

“Internationalisation processes in institutions and in wider society are linked to openness and understanding of ideas and practices conceptualised and expressed in other languages and cultures.

“Collaborative cross-sector work is effective and essential, and we hope that our action plan will inform and inspire us all to make 1+2 a success in Scotland.”

Read the UCMLS plan here
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