Conference on Gaelic Education: Transitions to secondary

Conference on Gaelic Education: Transitions to secondary

Education Scotland

Education Scotland and Bòrd na Gàidhlig would like to invite you to a conference on Gaelic Education. The purpose of the conference is to give strategic direction to the development of Gaelic Education, with a particular focus on transitions into secondary Gaelic Learner and Medium Education. The conference will build on key messages from inspection and publications such as the Advice on Gaelic Education. We welcome to the conference the attendance of key national agencies to secure their support for improvement in Gaelic Education.

The conference is intended to assist schools and local authorities in increasing the availability of Gaelic Learner and Medium Education within the secondary curriculum. For this, there will be a focus on effective transitions and collaboration with the primary stages. Delegates will have an opportunity to discuss and identify solutions which will help form a strategy for improvement. They will be invited to select workshops which may include a focus on a virtual school for Gaelic, the curriculum, teacher recruitment and retention, and the Gaelic provisions in the Education (Scotland) Act 2016.

Given the wide range of interests in Gaelic Education and the importance attached to it nationally, Education Scotland would like to invite a broad representation to the conference from stakeholders across the country. We are keen to maximise the impact from this learning event to improve outcomes for children and young people. As a result, there is no cost for attending the conference.

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