Grants available to fund reciprocal study visits

Grants available to fund reciprocal study visits

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The Lefèvre Trust is offering grants to UK schools to facilitate reciprocal visits to their partner schools in France.

With a French Language Assistant already in place at your school, a study visit is the ideal way to further encourage a love of language learning in your students. A visit will also give them exposure to authentic language usage, enable them to experience French culture first-hand and boost confidence levels before key GCSE, A level, National Qualification and Higher level French oral exams.

A face-to-face visit is the only thing that really sustains a link. It’s a fantastic experience for pupils, teachers and parents and shows good practice across the local authority.

—Franck Lavie, Barr’s Hill School

Who is Lefèvre trust funding for?

Lefèvre trust funding is for secondary school groups working towards their GCSEs or National Qualifications. It is aimed at raising the French language proficiency of pupils aged 16 and below.

What are the details?

  • Grants of £5,000 to facilitate reciprocal visits to France
  • Application deadline is 17 May 2016
  • Visits should take place within eighteen months of acceptance
  • A full guide to funding can be found on our website along with case studies

Find out more and apply now.

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