TeachMeet: Edinburgh, 13th June 2015

TeachMeet: Edinburgh, 13th June 2015

SALT TeachMeet

SALT will be holding a TeachMeet on Saturday 13th June from 10:00 – 11:45


Music Box Building

Sighthill Campus

Edinburgh College

Cost: Free

Planned sessions:

Early and First Level Modern LanguagesMaryse Payen-Roy

Maryse will discuss the 1+2 Level 1 new E&Os which came out in March and progression from P1 to P7 in Level 2. Her focus will be on breadth and depth—not additional content.

German in BGE, Kirsten Herbst-Gray

Boring or Brilliant General Education? Kirsten will talk about making the most of the time you have in German to motivate and interest pupils in the subject, the country and culture. Examples of well-received lessons, lesson plans and material will be provided together with ideas and inspiration to create your own.


Promoting transferable, generic lifelong skills through the context of modern languages, William Turner

Details to be confirmed.

Shaking up your BGE : Practical planning for teaching in a new context, Gillan Campbell-Thow

Details to be confirmed.

Stranger in a Strange Land – A Physics Teacher and Modern Language Teaching, Iain Houston

Iain, a Physics teacher in Dumfries, will talk about his experience of learning Mandarin over the past three years, the resources and approaches he has used to teach himself the language and what it has been like taking the first steps towards teaching a language instead of science for the first time.


Getting there

Visit Edinburgh College website for travel directions.


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