Some common questions


I've forgotten my username

If you joined SALT via the SALT online shop an account is created for you automatically and you will have received an email containing your login credentials. If you have forgotten your username then you will need to contact us to reset your account.

The dog ate my password

You can reset your password by visiting this link. A new password will then be emailed to you at the address you gave us when you first registered. Please be aware that the reset link will expire in 24 hours.

The dog ate both my username and password

What are you like...!? If you find yourself in this situation then you will need to contact us and provide your name, address, place of work, and the approximate date on which you last renewed your SALT membership. If you can also provide your membership invoice number then that would help us get you back online a good deal sooner. We will check this against our records and advise you of your new login credentials.

I've been locked out

If you enter the wrong username and/or password three times in a row then the system will automatically lock you out for thirty minutes. If you still can't remember your login credentials then see above.

I didn't join online. How do I sign in to the members area?

Members who paid for their subscription online are automatically set up with an account in the members' area of the website. If you paid by cheque or any other means then you will need to contact us to set up an account for you.

I would prefer to pay my subscription by cheque

Paying for your membership subscription online helps us keep admin costs down and we would encourage you to pay that way. However, we recognise that sometimes this isn't possible so we have provided a downloadable application form which you can print off, fill in, and send to us along with your cheque. An account will then be set up for you in the members' area within a few weeks of receiving your payment and the details emailed to you.

How do I change my password?

If you are already logged in with your existing password, click here.

If you are not logged in, see The Dog Ate My Password, above.

How do I update my contact details?

You can update your email address and other contact information by logging in and visiting the My Account page.

Is my personal data safe?


Have you noticed the little green padlock to the left of the address bar in your browser? Well... On some browsers. It's there because we have installed software on our website that creates an encrypted connection between your device and our website. This means that, even if someone did intercept your connection, they couldn't read any of the information you send to us or that we send to you.

If you use a debit or credit card to purchase an item from the SALT Shop, your details are passed over an encrypted connection to our payments gateway (Stripe). We do not retain any of your card details on our website and we have no way of accessing them directly.

Why can't I access the members' resources?

Documents in the resources area of the website are available only to paid-up SALT members. You need to be logged in with your username and password in order to access the resources.

You may have an account on our website as a result of purchasing tickets for an event, but that's not the same as being a member.

If you're not already a member, then please consider joining us.

I have a general enquiry about my membership

If you need to speak to us about your membership subscription, then please contact the membership secretary via the 'Contact' link in the main menu.

I ordered a ticket from your shop, but I didn't receive a confirmation email

It's more than likely that you have entered your email address incorrectly—you've no idea how often that happens! If you think you may have misspelled your email address, then contact us to let us know and we'll investigate.

The other common issue affecting email confirmations is the over-enthusiastic spam filtering systems used by local authorities and other institutions. If you used a work email address and haven't received anything, then check that you provided the correct address and also ask your IT department to look in your junk folders for you. Some personal email providers will also block messages from domains they don't recognise, so check your own spam folder if you used a personal address.

It's also possible that you didn't complete checkout properly or something interrupted your connection. But don't worry, we can check this for you if you let us know.
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