These are the people working behind the scenes to make SALT happen!

Wendy Steven

Wendy graduated in French and Spanish with Professional Education at Stirling University following some years working in Gran Canaria, Lyon and as an English Language Assistant in la Universidad Católica de Temuco in Chile. She joined us during her probationary year whilst at Carrick Academy in South Ayrshire and is now proud to be working at Banff Academy in Aberdeenshire.

Paul Cassidy

My name is Paul Cassidy and I am DHT in St Brigid’s Primary, Toryglen. I am a fluent Gaelic speaker. In addition, I studied French and Spanish at Strathclyde University. I have been part of Glasgow City Council’s Modern Languages development team and I am passionate about ensuring children receive their language learning entitlement through the 1+2 Policy.

Rachel Young

Rachel Young, primary teacher in East Renfrewshire Council. Studied International Business and Modern Languages at University of Strathclyde before participating in PGDE Primary at University of Glasgow. Undertook Med Professional Practice research about Content Language Integrated Learning and has undertaken council-led courses to teach Spanish, Italian and French in primary schools.

Katrina Price

I've been PT Modern Languages at Linwood High School since 2013. I'm a UK Ambassador for ClassDojo and I'm a Quizlet Ambassador. I'm a trained Co-operative Learning trainer and a passionate advocate of Active Learning in ML. ICT in ML is also a an area I specialise in. For me, it's all about my drive to constantly improve the learning experiences in my classroom.

Alison Sutherland

Hi there! My name is Alison Sutherland and I am delighted to join the SALT Committee this session. I have been a Principal Teacher, now Faculty Head of Modern Languages, since 2007 and I joined Rosshall Academy in Glasgow in September 2017. During my career (celebrating my silver anniversary from August this year!!) I have worked in a range of Local Authorities and in Glasgow City Council since 2006. I am also a Leader of International Education, working this session and next with the International Education Office in Glasgow. I have a strong interest and depth of experience in developing employability skills. I am a firm advocate of delivering courses where every pupil will be positively encouraged and supported to learn a language at any level through proactive partnership working. I have experience of delivering at the SALT Conference in 2017 and Teach-Meets too – I am very much looking forward to working with colleagues and excited by the possibilities and opportunities that SALT can offer to support and challenge national thinking with all things Languages!

William Turner

William teaches French in the secondary sector. Previously, he lectured in Business and Marketing at the University of Paisley (UWS.)He completed a French and Business/Marketing degree, and studied at the University of St-Etienne (IUT) and the Institut de Formation Internationale, Rouen. He obtained a PgD in European Business and completed the Chartered Teacher M.Ed. at the University of Glasgow. William was seconded to Glasgow City Council Education Services for two years as a Leader of Learning and has also served on the Authority’s BGE Strategy Group. He has a particular interest making language-learning accessible and relevant for all learners, and increasing engagement through the effective use of transferable skills for learning, life and work.

Greg Baxter

I’m Greg and I am absolutely delighted to be working with SALT. I am a Stirling University graduate, gaining a BA Hons degree in French, Spanish and Education following a year working as an English Language Assistant in Lourdes, France. I have also spent some time working with family in Gran Canaria, as well as Oviedo, Spain during my PDGE year at Strathclyde University. I joined the SALT committee during my probationary year at Dunfermline High School in Fife and I have since moved on to Graeme High School in Falkirk.
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