1+2 news from Fife

1+2 news from Fife

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Family Learning in Fife

In April 2017 over 1,000 families from a diverse catchment area across Fife began learning French through an online course. The project is being delivered through nine schools and involves teachers, head teachers, P3/P4/P5 pupils and their families, parents, carers, siblings, and grandparents. Local libraries have also been involved.

All of the participants have been given access to the PowerLanguage Online Course for Families and to a booklet devised specifically for this project. The pilot is being run by Fife Council in conjunction with PowerLanguage.SALT | Powerlanguage logo

Fife Council’s 1+2 Team hope that this project will promote family learning and contribute to excellence and equity in education with positive outcomes for both the adults and the children involved. A case study organised by SCILT (Scotland’s National Centre for Languages) is under way.

A celebration event involving parents, teachers and pupils will take place in two of the local secondary schools mid-June.

Book Bug Sessions with Language Learning

Fife Council 1+2 Team have been piloting Book Bug sessions at four libraries and their associated cluster primary and nursery schools. The council has introduced traditional French, Spanish, and German songs and rhymes into the sessions and has provided boxes of relevant books to both the libraries and schools involved.

The council’s objective is to support early level language learning and to raise the profile of 1+2 in schools and the wider community, and to involve parents and children in real family learning situations.

Tamsin Johnston, Fife Council’s 1+2 Development Officer said: “Feedback has been very positive which means that we will be supporting all primary schools in Fife with a free box of books in their L2 language.

“Each box of books has a mixture of traditional stories well known to children: The Hungry Caterpillar, Owl Babies, The Gruffalo, and other, simple stories in the L2 language.

“The council is grateful to the native speakers in the PowerLanguage team for supporting the training and choosing the, very catchy, songs and rhymes.”

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