LFEE Immersion Courses

LFEE Immersion Courses

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LFEE Europe has been an international course provider since 2002. Their team of experienced and fully qualified native teachers are committed to promoting French and Spanish language and culture throughout Europe.

Participants at LFEE events are encouraged to speak French/Spanish as much as possible in social situations and on the cultural excursions. Different levels are catered for as the class is often broken into smaller groups. The methodology sessions focus on techniques which enable teachers to involve all pupils in learning through the medium of French/Spanish. A cross-curricular approach is favoured and all activities are transferable to the teaching of all Modern Languages.

Funding for all LFEE courses is available through the European Union Erasmus+ Programme. More than one teacher can apply from your school and successful schools will receive a grant of up to €2,165 per teacher.

The total cost of the one-week course (course fee, accommodation and subsistence fees) is €1,700 which leaves about €465 for travel expenses (check LFEE website for latest pricing).

Contact LFEE for further information about costs.

Those interested in taking part should pre-register with LFEE as soon as possible to receive guidelines on how to apply for the Erasmus+ funding.

Places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

The deadline for schools to apply to the British Council for Erasmus+ funding is 2 February 2016.

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