Making Languages Come Alive (Primary) Award

Making Languages Come Alive (Primary) Award

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The Scottish Education Awards recognise early learning and childcare settings and schools that have developed a vibrant and progressive culture and climate of continuous innovation.

The culture and ethos should promote respect, ambition and achievement while improving outcomes for all learners in ways which eliminate inequity.

For your nomination to be considered, you are required to respond to the statement above and in detail to the following questions. This should include practical activities and projects your school has undertaken, detailing the impact these strategies have had on pupils, staff, parents and the community.

Demonstrate how your school:

  • develops a culture which actively promotes the value of learning languages within the school and wider community
  • enables pupils to use language skills as a means to communicate in school routines and to learn about other people and other parts of the world
  • works effectively within its cluster group to implement the 1+2 policy for language learning
  • shares the benefits of language learning with parents and the extended school community
  • celebrates achievement in language learning

What are the outcomes of these approaches in terms of impact on:

  • children and young people
  • the whole school community
  • the wider community?

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