Parlons Français: A competition for students of AH French

Parlons Français: A competition for students of AH French

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The AMOPA Speaking competition is now in its fourth year. It is open to all students of AH French.

Taking part in the competition should also benefit the students as they prepare for their Speaking

Every participant receives a graded certificate. Prizes are also awarded for first, second and third
place. Prizes and certificates are usually presented by an amopalien/amopalienne at a school
assembly or other suitable event.

It must be the easiest competition ever to take part in!

That’s a quote and it’s true! All that’s needed is a short recording of students as they prepare for their speaking test. AMOPA will assess it and give everyone some feedback. They also award prizes and certificates.

As in previous years, AMOPA will award prizes for the best entries and a gift for each school taking part too.

Last year all schools were given a DVD of a French film. Total will also arrange for the winning
school to take a class to the French Film Festival.

How do we enter?

Just send in a labelled recording of the pupil practice assessment. Digital is best and send it by
email if you can. Audio cassettes are also acceptable if you’re still using old stock!

Entries for the competition should be based either on the student’s unit assessment or on their preparation for that assessment. Entries consist of an audio tape or digital audio/video recording of part of the assessment or a preparation session.

Digital entries are much preferred and are probably easier all round; try letting students use their own mobile phone.

The entry can be from 2 to 5 minutes long and will consist of either:

  1. A formal presentation on a suitable topic (likely to be shorter), or
  2. A discussion with their teacher in which the teacher input consists only of very short prompts, questions or responses (which could result in a longer response).

Entries should be sent to:

AMOPA Competition
Alliance Française
3 Park Circus
Glasgow G3 6AX

Or by email to

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