Worldwide Napier – Free Magazine!

Worldwide Napier – Free Magazine!

Languages Network Group Scotland

04 April 2018

Dear Language Coordinators

Edinburgh Napier University is delighted to announce the publication of the very first issue of Worldwide Napier, a free magazine in which our students in languages (French, German, Italian and Spanish) showcase some of their work. It is available now on digital and soon a few print copies will circulate within Edinburgh:

At Edinburgh Napier, we are convinced that presenting students’ work beyond the classroom walls is one of the best motivational factors. And as you will see, there are some spaces left for secondary school pupils’ submissions because we also believe that we are both part of the same community. Therefore, please do not hesitate to let your pupils know about this opportunity, that we would be delighted to publish some of their articles in the forthcoming issues (December and April).

If you need more information or would like to submit a text, please do not hesitate to contact us at In the meantime, enjoy the read.

Yours sincerely

Sylvain Blanche
Associate Lecturer in Languages at Edinburgh Napier University

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